Decision Points

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I finally finished reading the book Decision Points that looked back on President Bush’s two terms.  It was a peek behind the curtain on how decisions were made inside the White House. President Bush takes the reader through the decisions and then takes a critical look at the results using the information available today.  I thought President […]

Where have all the leaders gone?

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As we begin to enter this highly charged political season I find myself looking at the GOP choices with an eyebrow raised. This field is a little uninspired at this point and I keep asking myself…  “Where have all the leaders gone? This election scares me because its is starting to look like 1996 all […]


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The most difficult task in the life of any emerging leader is how to manage his or her time effectively.  The demands placed on those who have ultimate responsibility for the success of the organization often take precedence over family, health and other important areas of life.  The best leaders understand how to compartmentalize all of these […]

A Crisis Of Leadership

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The biggest problem with the current economic crisis is that we have had a complete breakdown in leadership in this country. In a time when Americans expect to see our leaders work together to find solutions, we just see more political rhetoric that produces no results. This applies to both parties, the president and our […]