Debunking Charter Amendment Myths

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If Amendment 1 passes the money would follow the child. The percentage of the FTE money depends on who approves the charter. If the local BOE approves a charter then all of the FTE money goes with that child. If the local BOE denies the charter and the charter gets approved by the charter commission […]

Why I am SUPPORTING the Charter School Amendment

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 **WBHF 1450 AM Charter Debate** **Be sure to check out my follow-up post: Debunking Charter Amendment Myths** There is a growing debate in Georgia right now on Amendment 1 the Public Charter Amendment. Teachers, parents, & legislators are all scrambling to vie for votes on the controversial issue. I have been asked by a lot […]

School Board Wrong on the AP Decision

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The decision to share Assistant principals in 6 of our elementary schools was the wrong move by the Bartow County school board.  In the information that has been released by the school system already we know that the projected fund balance was increased from 8+ million to around 13+ million.  As a result of this […]

Moving from Textbooks to Tech-Books

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Earlier this year Georgia State Senator Tommie Williams proposed that middle school students ditch those heavy backpacks stuffed with textbooks and that they be issued iPads as replacements.  This would provide for a better learning experience and could also lead to a cost savings as well.  School systems across the state adopt textbooks now on a […]

Government Education is a Myth

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Republicans and talk show hosts across this country have done their best to demagogue public education with the derogatory handle of “government schools.”   Education is always an easy target of both political parties because it impacts so many people. Politicians can talk a lot about the subject, sound really smart and actually be doing […]

Students need Innovation over Privatization

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In communities all over this country we are seeing parents increasingly choose to educate their children in alternative private educational programs. For most of these families they are having to pay the additional expense required for the instruction as well as the local taxes that fund public education.  What would drive these parents to take […]