Freedom, Poverty & the Democrats

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Democrats & Obama want to socialize our government and create a command economy with no risk. This republic(not democracy) and our capitalist economy succeeded because people knew the risks and still wanted to change the world. Democrats will never be successful because they do no realize that America unlike any other nation was established on […]

Democrats are Wrong and So is Danielle Swanson

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(My response to an editorial in the Daily-Tribune today) A small price to pay Danielle Swanson: Staff Writer, The Daily Tribune Cartersville Georgia Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008 With the introduction of Joe the Plumber to the debate last week, John McCain brought up what he sees as a plague to the American small businessman. Joe […]

Where Have All The Feminists Gone?

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Susan Estrich a democratic political contributor (Who ran the Dukakis campaign) points out in the following article the double standard that Sarah Palin is being subjected to.  I find it amazing that the Democratic Party who has marketed itself as the party for progressive women is now out questioning her ability to serve and be […]