One thought on “Sarah Palin RAP…..Keeping It real on SNL!

  1. I understand Sarah Palin visited the Pope, who invited her to take a gondola ride with him through the canals of Venice. During their ride through the canals the discussed a variety of subjects, including the state of morality in the world. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the wide-brimmed hat the Pope was wearing into the water. The oarsman tried to retrieve it with the oar, but it was out of reach. He was about to jump into the water when Sarah Palin told him to cease his efforts. She said she would take care of it. She then proceeded to step out of the boat and walk upon the surface of the water, leaned over and picked up the hat, returning with it to the boat.
    As you can imagine, everyone in the boat was stunned into silence. The left leaning press, however, ever eager to castigate the Republican party in negative terms whenever possible, proclaimed in newpaper headlines the next day, “Sarah Palin can’t swim!”
    One must always consider the source of potically motivated comments.

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