Obama Has Lost His Shadow

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Obama has been elevated to mythic proportions by the Democrats and the media elite in this country through this presidential election cycle in both the primaries and the general election. There was a feeling when he was drawing thousands of people during the primaries that the wave of Obama fed hysteria would sweep down ballot democrats into elective office. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party Obama like Peter Pan another mythical creature has lost shadow.

The Democratic Party was counting on his shadow of influence playing a major role in securing democratic elections all over this country. Enter Sarah Palin…….She has really shaken up the energy in this race and Obama’s ability to pull voters down ballot may now be in jeopardy. This is why there has been such an unprecedented attempt to discredit her and the massive wave on support that she has generated for the McCain ticket.

In spite of his rearing Obama is an elitist who at the end of the day has almost nothing in common with people in the middle class regardless of political party affiliation. Sarah Palin is America and represents “normal” Americans in a way that we have not seen by a top of the ticket candidate in a long time. She is what the Democrats have always claimed to be.

The bottom line is that the Democratic Party and Obama himself use the poor and middle class of this country to try and impose a socialist agenda that if understood most Americans would reject. Since the GOP convention and the introduction of Gov. Palin, Obama and his team have been frantically trying to re-brand his campaign and re-establish his political shadow. The problem is that Wendy is Sarah Palin and there will be shadow repair in this media driven fairy tale.


We have seen this play out in the State of Georgia. Obama’s campaign thought after the Georgia primaries that he might have a chance to win this state that has only voted Democrat for President twice since Carter’s election. Obama claimed he would run a 50 state campaign and win traditionally GOP states. Recently Obama shut down most of his Georgia staff and is fighting in more Democrat leaning states. The number of voters was higher in the democratic primary but in the end McCain is winning in Georgia by a wide margin. The shadow over Georgia has gone!

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