Wake Up America…

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It’s disrespectful to those who were killed and those who were injured to try and make what happened in ‪#‎Orlando about gun control. We shouldn’t marginalize this tragedy by focusing on ANYTHING other than the real problem…Radical Islamic Terrorism. An attack on ANY community is an attack on ALL communities. Any politician or political party that diverts our attention away from the REAL problem forfeits its right to be relevant. President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats want you to believe that access to firearms is what caused the senseless tragedy at The Pulse nightclub.

The NY Times said that the NRA was complicit in the shooting and Jim Barksdale a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia blamed America. Please think about these assertions for just a minute…What do they all have in common? Weakness. Our enemy is looking for soft targets and this mentality only reinforces the idea that we are not prepared to win this WAR.

I am no fan of the presumptive GOP nominee and I wish the magic political fairy would provide a legitimate alternative. That scenario is obviously unlikely, so I will be voting Republican in November… Why? We have no choice. I will NEVER support a party or candidate who actively undermines our national security and blames our FREEDOM (granted by the U.S. Constitution) for murderers killing our citizens. Wouldn’t we be better off if the terrorists and mentally disturbed thought everyone was armed and had an AR15 at home? How does it help our country to project weakness? Is this the narrative you want from your leaders?

Listen to words used by our elected officials…”Mass Shooting”, “Attack on LGBT community”, “Guns are the problem”, etc. This narrative is meant to minimize what happened and to further divide us for political reasons. Let me make it simple for everyone. This was an attack on AMERICA…All of us. It is true that our enemy hates the LGBT community, but they hate Christians, Jews, women, and freedom too. The next target could be YOUR community. I want a President who will grab the bullhorn in front of The Pulse nightclub and say…We are coming to get you!

Wake up America…The war is here and you have to pick a side. What will it be? Victory or Surrender?

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