Finding My Voice Again….

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It has been some time since I last took to this blog to comment on what was happening locally and in the world.  It has been very difficult to resist jumping on here and venting, especially during the recent primary season.  When I look at out at our current reality and the leaders that have emerged I am forced to admit that our country and local community are not on the right path.

People from all walks of life want us to believe that tone, morals, and ethical behavior don’t matter so long as the results justify or excuse the actions.  Locally, we have elected and appointed officials whose narcissism and conduct put our school system at risk.  Nationally, the GOP is expecting us to rally behind a man who represents almost nothing I agree with and the Democrats just selected a dishonest person who put politics above American lives.

In my life I have tried to live by a set of principles, speak out when necessary, and take a stand even when that meant standing alone.  Those of you who know me understand what this has cost my family.  There is AWLAYS a cost to be paid for shining the light of truth into the darkness, but we cannot stop presenting a compelling alternative.  I mistakenly thought that observing from the sidelines and remaining silent would protect those I care most about… I was wrong.  Evil people intent on doing harm will just find others to hurt and punish.  People of character have a responsibility to speak out against the actions of those who put our communities and country at risk.  I am finding my voice again and will not sit quietly while people intent on material harm go unchecked by those charged with exercising appropriate oversight.

Character Matters, Words Matter, Actions Matter, Patterns of Behavior Matter…We need to open our eyes and our brains. America will not be great again if our actions are built on a foundation of arrogance and vile language.  “American Exceptionalism” is an ideal that’s possible without the scorched earth rhetoric that has become so prevalent in this election cycle.  Reagan’s “Shining City on A Hill” was a light of hope not the fires of destruction emanating from an angry mob. We can do better…

Will you find your voice too?Evil




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