Another Flawed Process…

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“Here are my comments on the Mission Road Elementary AP hiring”

~Taken from The Daily Tribune

Most of the meeting was uneventful, although one agenda item sparked extensive debate. 

Superintendent John Harper recommended that the current assistant principal at Mission Road Elementary be transferred to Clear Creek Elementary and the assistant principal position at Mission Road be filled by contracted service personnel, in this case retired principal Nancy Summey.

That didn’t seem right to board member Matt Shultz.

“My concern is there was a recommendation made by Dr. Harper that we contract for the services of an assistant principal,” Shultz said. “Certainly Nancy Summey is well qualified, so it has nothing to do with the person selected. My concern is there was no dollar amount and no funding source attached to the recommendation. Typically, when we hire an assistant principal, we go through our standard personnel process. 

“We have a number of people locally who have gone to school to prepare themselves for such a job, and I felt we should have gone through the process. What was the rush? We have been operating under the same conditions since July when school started. I’m concerned that this is going to result in extra costs and we already have budget problems, so I felt we could have waited till next year and funded it then.” 

Shultz noted that Summey would be hired as a 49 percent assistant principal. 

“Forty-nine percent of what?” he asked. “In the past when retirees have come back to work for us, to save money we paid them at 49 percent of the salary of a new teacher with a bachelors’ and one to two years’ experience. Is Ms. Summey going to be hired at that level, or will she receive 49 percent of her previous salary?”

The agenda item passed 3-2.

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