Tax Increase = Failed Leadership

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Dr. Harper indicated that the cuts made by the system over the past few years have amounted to a total reduction of $8,774,010 since the cuts began. If you annualize these cuts over the last 4 years it comes to around $2,193,502. So essentially Dr. Harper is telling us that the school system would be running a $7.7 million budget deficit had they not taken this action. Instead of celebrating this distraction, someone should be asking why no significant spending decreases have been proposed along with this tax increase. We are currently spending $5.5 million dollars MORE every year than we take in…No business or family could operate this way. We have a spending problem not a revenue problem.

BTWBusinesses and families do not get to wave the tax wand and have more money magically appear either. They have to actually look at their budget and stop spending more than they are taking in.

The Cartersville Daily Tribune has done a poor job covering this story and has asked NO tough or relevant questions.

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