Wholesale Changes are Needed on the Bartow BOE

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For months Mr. Kittle and I have been asking for information that would allow us to fully execute our responsibilities on this board. The current board chair & superintendent (with the assistance of the remaining board members and school attorney) are inappropriately withholding this information from us. I have NEVER encountered this kind of behavior since I was first elected to the school board in 2004. Last night in executive session, we requested this information again to no avail. I specifically asked the school system’s attorney to note in the minutes that our request had been denied. Our school attorney refused to accurately reflect this information, which is why I felt like I could not sign off on the executive session minutes.

This complete disregard for the truth, and the climate that currently exists within the school system is as unhealthy as I have ever seen it in all of my years as a school board member. There is a crisis of character on the board and leadership within the Bartow County BOE. Our schools will never achieve the kind of results we want without wholesale changes to the board, Superintendent and school attorney. As we approach election season, I hope that you carefully consider anyone who make themselves available for these open positions and what their agenda truly is.

Our students, parents and employees deserve better than the mess that has been inflicted on this community. If you continue to allow these people to lie, manipulate and shirk their responsibilities, then we deserve the future that we have chosen.

Here are my comments from the Daily-Tribune:

Following the meeting and executive session, Shultz addressed the media with concerns over the recorded minutes for the evening’s executive session.

“Mr. Kittle and Ihave been asking for information in a particular legal matter up until and including tonight. The remaining members of the board have refused to disclose that information to us. It is my personal view that the minutes that were presented for the executive session don’t accurately reflect the situation that occurred there this evening,” Shultz said. “I’ve done everything I can within my legal authority to try and get the information that I feel like is necessary to exercise my responsibilities on this board. To date, that hasn’t occurred and I don’t know what else to do at this point but just make the community aware of this and say we’ve done our best to make [the board] uphold their responsibilities and I have serious views at this point as to whether that has happened.”

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