Seven Vital Signs of Spiritual Growth in Acts 2

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Pulled from a YouVersion Devotional: Really enjoyed this from my reading this morning. It is always good to be reminded about the early church in Acts! How does your church community compare?

There are at least Seven Vital Signs of Spiritual Growth in Acts 2:

• Vital Teaching (v. 42)

• Vital Prayer (v. 42)

• Vital Grace (God’s answers to prayer, v. 43)

• Vital Giving (Stewardship, vv. 44-45)

• Vital Community (v. 46)

• Vital Worship (v. 47a)

• Vital Witness (v. 47b)

These are the characteristics of a vitalized Church, or a church that is alive!

Community is the context of the Church. Christians and church leaders need to read and engage their Bibles personally, but we also need to do it together with our faith community. In fact, an honest and reflective reading of the Bible will remind us repeatedly that the biblical call is one to authentic community. We need God. We need the Bible. And we need each other.

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