Freedom, Poverty & the Democrats

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Democrats & Obama want to socialize our government and create a command economy with no risk. This republic(not democracy) and our capitalist economy succeeded because people knew the risks and still wanted to change the world. Democrats will never be successful because they do no realize that America unlike any other nation was established on […]

Can’t Fix what you DON’T Understand!

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    Is it really any surprise that our economy is not improving? President Obama came into office with cabinet members who had the lowest level of private sector experience dating back to Teddy Roosevelt. His team is full of government bureaucrats and academics who have never had to worry about the same challenges confronted […]

Decision Points

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I finally finished reading the book Decision Points that looked back on President Bush’s two terms.  It was a peek behind the curtain on how decisions were made inside the White House. President Bush takes the reader through the decisions and then takes a critical look at the results using the information available today.  I thought President […]

DARE to be different!

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I had the opportunity to go and see my 5th grade son Austin graduate from D.A.R.E. training today at his elementary school. This program helps children to understand the dangers of drugs, alcohol, & smoking.  D.A.R.E. actually stands for Drug, Alcohol, Resistance, Education.  One of the best parts of this presentation was the integration of […]