School Board Wrong on the AP Decision

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The decision to share Assistant principals in 6 of our elementary schools was the wrong move by the Bartow County school board.  In the information that has been released by the school system already we know that the projected fund balance was increased from 8+ million to around 13+ million.  As a result of this […]

God is ALWAYS there…Are You?

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Sermon Notes from 7/10/2011 Troy Page spoke at Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville today: Being present & Being engaged are not the same. Have you ever asked if God is really present in our lives? We define God’s presence through our human emotions not through scripture God is omnipresent: always there…everywhere Gods desire was to have […]

Moving from Textbooks to Tech-Books

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Earlier this year Georgia State Senator Tommie Williams proposed that middle school students ditch those heavy backpacks stuffed with textbooks and that they be issued iPads as replacements.  This would provide for a better learning experience and could also lead to a cost savings as well.  School systems across the state adopt textbooks now on a […]

Religion will NEVER be ENOUGH

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My notes from our service at OLC Cartersville: “I am as righteous as I will ever be”— What does this statement mean to you? Do you believe that? We will never be “Religious” enough to earn God’s love! 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 Jesus is our righteousness Jeremiah 23: 5-8 -Jesus came to do for us what […]

Government Education is a Myth

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Republicans and talk show hosts across this country have done their best to demagogue public education with the derogatory handle of “government schools.”   Education is always an easy target of both political parties because it impacts so many people. Politicians can talk a lot about the subject, sound really smart and actually be doing […]