From Chaos to PEACE

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RNR5NAT9468N  was Father’s Day and we attended services at Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville, Ga.  Paul Richardson spoke and did a great job addressing the PEACE that comes through a right relationship with God. To often we believe that God cannot come into our life because we are imperfect messed up people. Paul used the […]

Students need Innovation over Privatization

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In communities all over this country we are seeing parents increasingly choose to educate their children in alternative private educational programs. For most of these families they are having to pay the additional expense required for the instruction as well as the local taxes that fund public education.  What would drive these parents to take […]

Where have all the leaders gone?

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As we begin to enter this highly charged political season I find myself looking at the GOP choices with an eyebrow raised. This field is a little uninspired at this point and I keep asking myself…  “Where have all the leaders gone? This election scares me because its is starting to look like 1996 all […]


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The most difficult task in the life of any emerging leader is how to manage his or her time effectively.  The demands placed on those who have ultimate responsibility for the success of the organization often take precedence over family, health and other important areas of life.  The best leaders understand how to compartmentalize all of these […]