10 thoughts on The State of The Union Speech

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Here are some of the things that I have been thinking about after hearing what President Obama had to say last night: Small businesses do not pay much in the way of Capital Gains Taxes. This was basically an empty promise designed to make an attractive sound bite. While we are on small businesses….They employ […]

Finally “Change I Can Believe In”!

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Last nights election of Scott Brown is a major repudiation of the policies of President Barrack Obama. Almost a year to the day of his historic inauguration the people of one of our most liberal states said NO to his far left agenda.  The Democratic party needs to understand that this is a center right […]

Here We Go Again…..Georgia SB 84

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The Georgia Legislature has been a hot bed for corruption for years with very little reform to truly address any of the systemic problems that have plagued this institution.  Instead of cleaning up there own mess they have opted in concert with Governor Perdue to do the more politically expedient and go after local school […]

HB 251 “Nepotism Clause” Goes too Far

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A suit was filed in Federal court this week challenging the constitutionality of a new clause that was added to HB 251 in the Georgia Legislature last year.  This clause prohibits people to serve on the school board if they have relatives serving in various capacities within the school system. Why is the Ga. Legislature […]

Gov. Perdue wrong on Teacher Pay

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Gov. Perdue’s idea on teacher pay is awful. It may sound great in a speech but would be impossible to implement. It looks more like politician who has been marginalized in his final term grasping at an attempt to make news. He wants to stop paying teachers for advanced degrees and move to a “student performance” […]

Obama Gives Interpol a Blank Check….Executive Order #12425

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President Obama recently amended a Reagan era Executive order that would allow International Police agencies to have the authority to come into the United States and operate without the constraints laid out in the U.S. Constitution.  This is just one more example of Obama’s mission to globalize our system of government and effectively neuter U.S. […]

Thoughts on Last Nights School Board Officer Election

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Last night the school board went through our annual process of selecting new board officers. There was no change in leadership and the results are that Lamar Grizzle will remain in the position of Chairman while Roger Maier will continue in the role of Vice-Chairman.  The vote was 4-1 with me casting the lone dissenting […]