2010 Budget Vote and Cass Sinkholes

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This week I voted against the 2010 budget and against some additional funding for the New Cass High School. In the case of the budget it was because the Bartow County school system has received more that 3.9 million dollars in stimulus money that I just simply do not agree with. I asked Dr. Harper to […]

County At Risk With No Buyout In Supt. Harper’s Contract

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Last night I voted against extending Dr. Harper’s Contract because the buyout provision that was negotiated last year was removed.  This potentially puts the county at risk for his full 3 year salary and I was not prepared to vote for that at this time. I needed more time to evaluate the system and our […]

Five Tests of Team Participation

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(re-posted from Liberty University) There are many quips and statements about how a team is as strong as its weakest member.  So, what types of things do you look at when choosing team members?  It is often true that the effectiveness of a leader is directly related to the people that surround him/her (because often […]

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions

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This book fills in the gaps that may have been left open in Lencioni’s original book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  The original book sought to work through common team issues through a fictional set of characters and their progression through the various steps laid out in Lencioni’s book.  This new field guide moves […]

Reserves to help cover Bartow County School System’s budget shortfall

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Jon Gargis (re-posted from The Daily-Tribune) Staff Writer Sunday, Jun 07, 2009 The elimination of nearly 80 positions has been one measure Bartow County Schools officials have taken to reduce the district’s expenses amid cuts to state funding. But the job cuts alone are not enough to absorb the shortfall, and officials may look at […]

D-DAY is Tommorrow….Have We Forgotten?

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Tomorrow is the D-Day anniversary….Will people in this country remember or care? That’s when it was ok be against fascism and tyranny. I wonder how many of the veterans of that battle and of that war would be proud of the direction that this country is currently headed in. President Obama and the Democrats in […]