A Crisis Of Leadership

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The biggest problem with the current economic crisis is that we have had a complete breakdown in leadership in this country. In a time when Americans expect to see our leaders work together to find solutions, we just see more political rhetoric that produces no results. This applies to both parties, the president and our […]

What I Learned From The Presidential Debate

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After all of the back and forth through the week the first presidential debate of the season went off as planned at Ole Miss last night. The debate was to focus exclusively on foreign policy but as a result of the economic crisis the first thirty minutes covered the proposed bailout. Obama continues to try […]

Obama Has Lost His Shadow

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Obama has been elevated to mythic proportions by the Democrats and the media elite in this country through this presidential election cycle in both the primaries and the general election. There was a feeling when he was drawing thousands of people during the primaries that the wave of Obama fed hysteria would sweep down ballot […]

Where Have All The Feminists Gone?

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Susan Estrich a democratic political contributor (Who ran the Dukakis campaign) points out in the following article the double standard that Sarah Palin is being subjected to.  I find it amazing that the Democratic Party who has marketed itself as the party for progressive women is now out questioning her ability to serve and be […]