What's Next For Huckabee?

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There is a great article in Charisma magazine on Mike Huckabee and what happened to him during his bid for the Presidency. They look specifically at some of the evangelical leaders coming late to support him and what impact that may have had on his campaign. I am still very impressed with the qualities of […]

Five Truths of the Bible….Once Saved Always Saved

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Special thanks to Dr. Harlan Betz…..From whom I found this list: There has been some question as to what my theological leanings are so I wanted to provide some picture into what I believe. I did not create this list but it accurately describes my view of Salvation. The “Theological Puritans” over at the Calvinist […]

Contemporary vs. Traditional Churches

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Reposted from a comment I left at  http://sovereigngod.wordpress.com/ There was an assertion that I and other contemporary church advocates dislike or don’t respect traditional churches. Actually I don’t have a problem with traditional churches.  I have probably been in one of those far more than the church I attend now. I feel more connected to […]

Spiritual Decisions….Are they Real?

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There seems to be some question as to whether decisions made by people at church services are real. On Easter we had 60 people indicate that they had prayed to receive Christ. There is a particular group out there that wants to question the authenticity of these types of movements of God. The web site […]