Living A Life of Margin!

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     The most difficult task in the life of any emerging leader is how to manage his or her time effectively.  The demands placed on those who have ultimate responsibility for the success of the organization often take precedence over family, health and other important areas of life.  The best leaders understand how to compartmentalize […]

Bartow BOE buys land for new Cloverleaf Elementary

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In our regular meeting last night we purchased land for a replacement Cloverleaf Elementary School.  The school has been slated for replacement as part of our 5-10 year facility plan.  This represents another proactive step on the part of the board to keep up with the growth that our county is seeing.  It will be a […]

Former President Bush endorses John McCain

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In a sign that more of the Conservative wing of the Party is ready to unify behind John McCain former President George H.W. Bush through his support behind McCain today. It is time for all factions of the party to come together so that we have a real chance of victory in November!

An Open Letter to Gov. Mike Huckabee….

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                                                February 15, 2008  Governor Huckabee, I want to first tell you how inspired I have been to watch your campaign unfold.  I have been a donor, blogger and supporter since July of 2007. I have been very proud to be associated with you and the message of hope and conservatism that you have brought […]

James Dobson of Focus on the Family endorses Mike Huckabee!

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  James Dobson, one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, backed Mike Huckabee’s presidential bid Thursday night, giving the former Arkansas governor a long-sought endorsement as the Republican field narrowed to a two-man race.  Read more about the endorsement HERE!