School Boards, Professionalism & Economic Development

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This is a key reason why we MUST have a school system that functions professionally. To many of our fellow citizens are out of work. We cannot allow the school board to be the reason why companies bypass our community in favor of another one. Help me change the tone, leadership & direction of the […]

Right to Work: Be Honest Mr. President…

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Earlier this week in Toledo, Ohio President Obama said the following about Right to Work legislation being passed all over the country: “So, Toledo, what you need to know is this: When they’re trying to take your collective bargaining rights away, when they’re trying to pass so-called “right to work” laws that really mean right to work for less […]

Can’t Fix what you DON’T Understand!

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    Is it really any surprise that our economy is not improving? President Obama came into office with cabinet members who had the lowest level of private sector experience dating back to Teddy Roosevelt. His team is full of government bureaucrats and academics who have never had to worry about the same challenges confronted […]