Wake Up America…

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It’s disrespectful to those who were killed and those who were injured to try and make what happened in ‪#‎Orlando about gun control. We shouldn’t marginalize this tragedy by focusing on ANYTHING other than the real problem…Radical Islamic Terrorism. An attack on ANY community is an attack on ALL communities. Any politician or political party that diverts […]

Finding My Voice Again….

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It has been some time since I last took to this blog to comment on what was happening locally and in the world.  It has been very difficult to resist jumping on here and venting, especially during the recent primary season.  When I look at out at our current reality and the leaders that have emerged […]

Harper’s Contract Extension Improper

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I would like to share some thoughts on the comments made by Fred Kittle in the article below… The contract extension Dr. Harper received in 2014 was done without the consent or knowledge of the board. The trigger for the automatic renewal provision that has been cited by previous BOE Chairman Davis Nelson as the rationale […]

A Few Thoughts on SCOTUS…

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Marriage by origin, history and practice is a covenant before God by a man and a woman. We can’t just redefine something because it makes us feel better. I think the answer might be to separate this issue. Churches are where marriages belong and they are best suited to answer these spiritual questions. If the […]

Tax Increase = Failed Leadership

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Dr. Harper indicated that the cuts made by the system over the past few years have amounted to a total reduction of $8,774,010 since the cuts began. If you annualize these cuts over the last 4 years it comes to around $2,193,502. So essentially Dr. Harper is telling us that the school system would be running […]

2015 BOE Budget Puts System At Risk

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I just wanted to make a few comments on the Daily Tribune article from this morning. I don’t think it accurately paints a picture of our current financial situation. You cannot just jump to the Fund Balance total and present that as our operational reserve. The School Nutrition fund and the Capital Projects fund are […]

Wholesale Changes are Needed on the Bartow BOE

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For months Mr. Kittle and I have been asking for information that would allow us to fully execute our responsibilities on this board. The current board chair & superintendent (with the assistance of the remaining board members and school attorney) are inappropriately withholding this information from us. I have NEVER encountered this kind of behavior […]


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    (Atlanta) – Republican candidate for State School Superintendent Matt Shultz announced today that he is ending his campaign and endorsing Fitz Johnson to help lead Georgia’s public education system. Said Shultz, “Serving our country in the Marine Corps taught me that leadership is about serving others and that accomplishing the mission is more […]

Take a Stand!

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If you have an opinion on the calendar change and the impact to our budget reserve you need email the board and Dr. Harper: john.harper@bartow.k12.ga.us davis.nelson@bartow.k12.ga.us anna.sullivan@bartow.k12.ga.us fred.kittle@bartow.k12.ga.us john.howard2@bartow.k12.ga.us matt.shultz@bartow.k12.ga.us This is not the time to sit quietly by and do nothing. I know many of our staff people are uncomfortable speaking out but you […]